Our Chairman, Professor Yang You

Professor Yang was born in Beijing and his home town is Ju-rong of Jiangsu Province, China. Professor Yang is an expert naval architect in cargo ship design and construction. He attained B.Sc. Degree with First Class Honors from University of Glasgow, UK. He was Professor of School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University. In 1980 Professor Yang You was elected a Member (Academician) of Chinese Academy of Sciences. In 2002 Professor Yang You was conferred Honorary Doctor of Engineering by University of Glasgow.

Professor Yang took charge of designing the petrol boat ‘ Yung Zhou’, a 15000 ton self discharging coal carrier, a 5000 ton short range cargo ship, a 15000 ton economical oceangoing cargo ship and some other types of ships. He led a group of scholars to develop the first Ship Stability Regulation and facilitating the research work of ship stability in China. Since 1963, Professor Yang has supervised his graduate students in a series of experiments on passive anti-rolling tank. Several design and research institutes adopted their method and results. In the middle of 1970s, Professor Yang started to devote deep study on the technical and economical evaluation of water transportation and offshore ocean engineering systems. Then he initiated and developed computer integrated systems in designing cargo ships. Professor Yang made important contributions to the advancement of CAD on shipbuilding in China.

Recently, Professor Yang has written several popular scientific books about history of ships. The latest is “Tales of Chinese Junks”.

Professor Yang has tremendous foresight and vision on how technology develops in the marine industry, and he always look for the best method to build at the least costs and with the best utilization of resources as the founding principles of his derivations and seeking of solutions.