We believe in a Client First approach as the most important thrust of each of our business dealings that we undertake. Our clients are the most important people to our business, for it is with our Clients that we create Our Tomorrows Together, and it is through our clients that we learn as we continue to move forward in our business. To our clients, we always have a space in our heart and we use our head to do our best for actualizing their goals as we help them realize their business through unleashing their full potential in projects we work on. We build sustainable businesses for our clients, our partners and ourselves.

VKMCS undertakes the following services

  • Provision of Strategic Consultancies for Projects in Singapore and the Middle East in areas of Internationalization of Businesses, Pre-Qualifications for Tender, Tender Participation, Project Undertaking, Project Financing and Project Partnering
  • Provision of Strategic Consultancies for Securing of Projects and Tender Competition
  • Development of Project Specifications, Project Deliverables and Local Support
  • Consultancies for Overseas Investments
  • Provision of Management Services for Local Follow On Support and Sustainable Business Continuity

Our services are unique through the following:

  • Deep understanding of the market with local knowledge and know-how of the projects
  • Large network of businesses and basket of proven strategies with customization capabilities for creating successful businesses
  • Customization of brochures, videos, websites and apps to catapult companies into the overseas markets with approaches that are aligned with the local culture, economic match, and social acceptance
  • Customized market penetration strategies based on industries of need
  • Unique harmonization and creation of the business approaches that abridge East-West and West-East businesses for development
  • Deep understanding of the cultural differences and similarities between and amongst countries of interests